Our Homes

Environmental Construction Option (ECO) builds homes that work as a system. From the ground up, every element of your build or renovation project is carefully considered before construction begins. The result? Homes that are built smarter, more efficiently, and in a manner that is good to your wallet and the environment.

ECO implements a team approach to all projects. We will help you design your project, keeping your budget and needs in mind, and have our team of specialized tradespeople review it to ensure it encourages efficiency and minimum time loss between construction of each element. This approach will not only save time, it will save you money.

We can also help you identify the areas in your home that can be improved for your overall health and safety. The first step usually involves tackling your home’s envelope and seal – the foundation, structure and insulation. It is the most important part of any construction or renovation project for good reason: with a proper seal, your home will be better able to keep the cold and the heat out and keep the temperature you desire in.

As a construction company that aims to leave the smallest footprint possible, ECO strives to complete projects using affordable and eco-friendly materials and methods. Our homes incorporate recycled, reclaimed and renewable materials, and are set up to ease transition to further environmentally-friendly changes.

Contact us to find out how you can make your home better – for both you and the environment.